Friday, January 26, 2007

MySQL gets another database engine

NitroSecurity Inc. and MySQL AB said yesterday that they will develop in common a motor of the storage for the data base of MySQL of the open-source that is optimized for the very great data bases of high performance.

The engine will be based on the technology of NitroEDB de NitroSecurity, that now is used in the Portsmouth, N.H., software in real time of the security of the network of the salesman. The technology is said to offer the fast operation for the data bases with billion files -- even though working in the hardware of the matter.
MySQL has a modular architecture that allows that the users connect a engine of the storage of their own one to choose. MyISAM, the engine of the storage of the defect for MySQL, continues being more widely used, according to the CEO of MySQL, marta Mickos. The most popular alternative, nevertheless, is InnoDB, that are developed by Innobase Oy in Helsinki, Finland.

In the last year, MySQL Oracle Corp. rival has bought Innobase and Sleepycat Inc. Software, that data base of BerkeleyDB can also be used like motor of the storage for MySQL. Whereas Oracle decided to continue developing InnoDB for MySQL for a number without revealing of years, MySQL has taken many measures to wean its users of possible dependency of the OrĂ¡culo-had technology.

In April, MySQL created a program to help to animate to companies of third person that make the compatible engines with their data base whereas also it announced that it would create his the own ones, code-named hawk. In August, MySQL said that the future versions of their data base will not support BerkeleyDB.

Solid Information Inc. Technology is sending the engine of the storage of SolidDB for MySQL by the end of the year.


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