Friday, January 26, 2007

Firefox vs IE vs Opera vs Safari

People can be enthusiastic on her equipment of the sports of the favorite, but really you wish to obtain ignited it for above, asks what web browser she uses. It has ?if it is not broke it, does not fix? crowd that tends to stick with browser that it is included with its operating system -- Internet Explorer of Microsoft in Windows and safari of Apple in the Mac. There is ?I finishes being able to be I? it to people who prefer browsers less well-known, such as opera of the software of the opera. And there is the ?free alive one or it dies? to believers true of the open-source that defends Firefox de Mozilla on commercial his contrapartes. Then there is that people who demand the best experience simply leafing through is there.

She will defend his to browser favourite to the death because she thinks that she strikes the ends in elegance terms, characteristics, security of all the others browsers with the foot and so on. But an option comes better ahead, she will change and speak outside happy towards hardly like in high voice her new one browser of the option. In Computerworld, we fall in this field, always looking for the great following Browser.

In terms of quota of market, the winner is obvious. Most of the estimations they somewhere demonstrate the Internet Explorer that 85% of the market of browser order between 80% and, with Firefox crawling in between 8% and 13%. Safari is third most of popular browser, with approximately the quota of market of 2% to of 4%, followed by Opera and Netscape de AOL, with around 1% by each one. But in quality terms, there is no clear winner now. Per years, the Internet Explorer was far delayed behind the competition in both characteristics and security, but the IE7 launching, a quite radical reacondicinament of October of aged browser, has brought it until equality with the rest.

Almost simultaneously, Mozilla sent Firefox 2,0, an update less ambitious than nevertheless carried out some important improvements and of well-thought-towards outside. Meanwhile, safari (at the moment in version 2.04) and the opera (in version 9.02, with 9,1 in the way) have been reserved that improved and of innovations far from the projector. Thus, for the first time in years, browsers superior is rough equal. (Note: We chose to leave Netscape of our roundup of browser. In our test, we also found cochecillo and unstable for the serious consideration.)

That browser must you use so? Which is really the best one? For ayudarte to decide, we requested that four users of the energy made battle in support of his browser chosen: Scot Finnie for Firefox, Preston Gralla for the Internet Explorer, Dennis Fowler for the opera and Ken Mingis for safari. Each expert is positive that his browser is the best one and will try his more duro convencerte of that. These are not rational revisions, separated; these are opinionated the tests meant to shake your point of view. When you have read all the discussions and watched ours of side to side comparison of characteristics, beams the call voting in our better survey of browser. You can also fall a line to us and you let to us know what you think. Many readers have been against the assertion of Preston Gralla who the quota of market in head of the Internet Explorer demonstrates that the users are happiest with that browser. For your commentaries, to see the readers they say that the numbers of the market-part of the IE depend on how, and of what, you they count. Other readers have taken this opportunity let know to us what browsers loves or hates particularly, and because. You will find those answers of partly posteriora connection of tortazo of the readers in browsers of the Web.


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