Friday, January 26, 2007

Google Wins Dismissal of Patent Lawsuit

Google, the Internet search engine company, has gained a dismissal of a lawsuit filed by a company of Wisconsin on four patents that covered technology with the search of the data base. To judge to Juan C. Shabaz of the federal cut of districto in Madison, Wis., granted to the 21 Dic the request of Google to send towards outside before test that a game of the patent-infraction filed by the technologies of fence carried out of HyperPhrase. The game, filed in April, was directed the interface to toolbar used in browsers of the Internet, its characteristic of Google de AutoLink allowing that the users league together to the information on Web site selected and to AdSense, technology of Google to place announcements in its site. Google, based on the Mountain View, Calif., Also is facing a challenge of the patent to its land of Google map-looks for service, and is in a battle of copyright on its electronic library of the Internet of the book of Google.

Raymond Niro, the lawyer for HyperPhrase in the case, was not immediately available to comment, according to his secretary. A spokesman of Google, Barry Schnitt, immediately did not return a commentary that she looked for of the call on the decision. The disputed patents to store, to recover and to look for data in computer science systems were published in 1999, 2002 and 2003, according to the Web site of the office of the patent and the registered tradename of the United States. HyperPhrase, based on Madison, demanded Microsoft in 2002, affirming the infraction of three of its patents, including one implied in the case of Google. A federal judge in Madison governed against HyperPhrase in 2003.


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