Friday, January 26, 2007

F-Secure takes aim at rootkits on Windows XP, Vista

F-Seguro Corp. it is announcing today a version increased of his software of fire-resistant of the antivirus and the board of the writing-desk of the security of the client, adding the detection of rootkit and the prevention host-based of the intrusion. It hoped to send to the half-full ones of January for Windows XP, client who security 7,0 will include what the F-Safe calls its detection of rootkit of DeepGuard to identify malilious code hidden and to clear it, although the retirement requires the action of the administrators of systems. Rootkits can be used to hide any type of malicious code or archives.

The retirement of Rootkit continues being a far more difficult process that retirement of the virus traditional because rootkits is designed typically to fit itself more deeply in the operating system. There is discussion between experts of the security on how it is easy is to clear them without damaging the operating system. F-Seguro, which they developed the independent tool Blacklight of anti-rootkit, says that rootkits can be cleared surely but the administrators must carefully supervise the process that the F-Safe tools facilitate.

To the half-full ones of January, F-Safe also hopes to send to a beta version of security 7,0 of the client for the version of Vista, not it Vista 64-bit of 32 small pieces, that includes the mechanism of the nucleus-protection of PatchGuard of the corporation of Microsoft. PatchGuard prevents the access deprived of authority to the operating system 64-bit, but several vendors of the security say that also he prevents the effectiveness of some of his products. In answer to the orders of the vendor more openness in Vista 64-bit, Microsoft has said that it hopes to provide APIs of support in package 1 of the service in a date without specifying. ?We trusted that this new APIs the Microsoft has glided will surpass the challenges of PatchGuard,? Ari Alakiuttu says, vice president F-Seguro of the marketing. Security 7,0 of the client will cost $41 by user by the year, based on 50 users.


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