Friday, January 26, 2007

Student Develops Paper Capable of 450GB of Storage

According to a report of the Arab news, named a Sainul technology Abideen student of the university has invented a method to store massive amounts of digital data in a level piece of paper that he demands could often store the capacity of the best Blue-ray or discs of HD-DVD. In fact, Abideen says that its technology of the rainbow can permitirte store until 450GB in a piece of paper. Reason why 450GB goes a demonstration of the real life of a paper, the technology still needs the development.

Abideen demand that that its system of the rainbow is better than a binary storage because instead of using and zeros to represent geometric forms of the data, of the square and hexagonal applications of Abideen such as to represent patterns of the data. The color also is used in the system to represent other data items. According to Abideen, everything that is required to read the impressions of the rainbow is an explorer and a specialized software.

The reporter in the Arab news demands to have seen 450 pages of of 33 by 40,6 cms. completely printed that is stored in 4 pieces of the square inch of paper of the rainbow. The reporter also demanded that they demonstrated to a second paper clip video to you 45 that was stored using the system of the rainbow in a level piece of paper. Interesting, 45 seconds of video are not much, and if the system of the rainbow can store until 450GB, then we needed to watch videos of integral high resolution of a piece of paper.

One of the main advantages of the system of the rainbow is the fact that it must cost much less to the product that polycarbonate typical DVD and discs of the CD. Abideen demand that the enormous data banks can be constructed outside storage means Arc rainbow-based. Although the main attraction is paper cheap now, other means can also use the system of the rainbow.

In date now, the system of Abideen still is under investigation in the university of Muslim educative engineering of the society and although no important companies have expressed interest, Abideen is faithful of the future of the system. According to the report, Aibdeen is hard in the work in developing an explorer of the rainbow that would be quite small for integration in the computers of the notebook. If it is developed, a printer of the rainbow will be probably ascending following.


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